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DDCM and Arrow Develop Hybrid Cloud Solution – Body-worn Cameras Success Story

DDCM and Arrow Develop Hybrid Cloud Solution for The Unified Government of Athens-Clarke County Georgia Sheriff’s Office/Jail

Reveal Media’s Body-Worn Camera

Reveal Media’s Body-Worn Camera

In the autumn of 2016, the state of Georgia’s Clarke County Sheriff’s Office and Athens-Clarke County Unified Government sent out RFPs for body-worn cameras and a management storage system for use in the jail environment. This request was spearheaded by Sheriff Ira Edwards, Jr., because he felt body-worn cameras would add to the safety of the deputies, officers, and other staff in the jail, as well as add to transparency when reporting incidents.

David Batie, CEO of DD Consulting & Management, was one of several contractors who responded to this request. In association with Reveal Media, Arrow ECS and Dell/EMC, DDCM created a validated, cutting-edge, scalable, hybrid cloud solution that addressed Athens-Clarke County’s body camera needs.

What the Sheriff’s Office Needed

  • Hybrid-type video storage solution that retains camera footage on-premises for one year and then transfers it to the cloud for long-term archiving
  • Body-worn camera hardware and video viewing quality in various conditions (e.g., daylight, darkness, heat, cold, while moving, etc.)
  • Body cameras capable of capturing recordings per the deputy’s 12-hour work schedule
  • Body cameras that can be on continuously in stand-by status to capture 30 seconds of pre-events Enterprise Computing Solutions – North America
  • Body cameras that can take pictures
  • Video management software for the purpose of law enforcement
  • Data hosting description and features, especially as it pertains to access, security and data backup
  • Integration and compatibility of the body-worn cameras, video management software, data hosting and any other additional features proposed as a complete solution
  • Long-term plan by which the offeror will be responsible for all facets of the body-worn camera system for the duration of the subsequently awarded contract (e.g., hardware durability and replacement, video management software maintenance, updates and technical support, data disaster, recovery, long-term data retrieval, etc.)

Solution Details
DDCM’s offering was unique to law enforcement and included a “public safety data lake” to manage their body camera and digital evidence management storage needs. Prior to delivering the finished product to Chief Tommy York, Arrow’s Senior Solutions Architect Seife Teklu tested and validated the solution in the Arrow Solutions Lab.

“Before we selected the Reveal Media camera,” said Teklu, “we compared and contrasted it with competitive products and verified if there were any interoperability issues. We also spent time reviewing the digital evidence management software by Reveal Media. We then met with MotionDSP that specializes in video redaction and forensics to verify software features were a good fit with the Digital Evidence Management software for the Sheriff’s office. Arrow validated that the end-to-end workflow process from digital media acquisition to active storage and archive worked seamlessly and efficiently using EMC Isilon Scale-Out NAS solution.”

The final solution included:

  • Hybrid cloud that addresses escalating storage costs and data governance requirements
  • Flexible consumption model designed to align with law enforcement budgeting and planning
  • Robust and scalable storage solution designed to scale with the storage needs of law enforcement
  • State-of-the art video surveillance, body-worn camera and digital evidence management software that is simple to use and supplements the needs of law enforcement agencies
  • Technology solutions for law enforcement agencies designed to streamline adoption of current and emerging technologies while maintaining cost over time

Making the Case

Body Camera and Digital Evidence Management Storage Solution - body-worn cameras

Body Camera and Digital Evidence Management Storage Solution

In January 2017, DDCM presented their hybrid cloud solution for law enforcement customized specifically for the Unified Government of Athens-Clarke County Sheriff’s Office/Jail. Competing vendors had previously presented a public cloud offering, but Chief York and his team were not impressed. Because of their extensive preliminary testing of the body camera solution, DDCM, Arrow, Reveal Media and Dell/EMC easily jumped ahead of the competition.

“Seife Teklu knocked it out of the park!” said Batie. “His knowledge and understanding of the overall solution tied its components together so well that it was seamless. He was the glue that made the solution turnkey, and he blew them away. I was told by Chief York that the panel was very impressed and that we answered all of their questions and then some. And we were the only company that offered them options.” Batie added, “We were also asked to leave the body cameras for testing. So, we left not only the cameras, but also a docking station, monitor and several body camera mounting options. This example of trust between our two organizations impressed the chief, as well.”

After some deliberation, The Unified Government of Athens-Clarke County chose the DDCM / Reveal Media / Arrow / Dell/EMC solution. They signed off on the Statement of Work in July 2017, and the implementation was complete by the end of the year.

“Chief York was very pleased with the body cameras and digital evidence management storage solution, as well as the overall planning, ease of installation and on-site training,” said Batie.

“After the training, Chief York reaffirmed to me that their decision to purchase the complete solution offered by DDCM, Reveal Media, Arrow and Dell/EMC was absolutely the right decision for them,” added Batie.

DDCM is currently working on other opportunities in public schools, police departments, city governments and hospitals.

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