Data Protection

Redefining data protection, availability, backup, and archive you can trust.

As IT organizations transform themselves to become a broker of services to the business, they are finding new challenges in their end-user services. They are being faced with a proliferation of constantly-evolving end-user apps, new operating systems, mobile and desktop devices, and a myriad of ways that employees are trying to communicate – whether it’s from the office, home, hotels, or planes. They are saddled with costly, complicated, and labor-intensive management processes for end point devices that often require expensive hardware refreshes and software upgrade cycles while the business is demanding immediate, frictionless access to apps and data using any device from anywhere. The deployment, support, and security required to manage and provide these services to the business has resulted in inefficient, costly IT processes.

Leverage de-duplication storage systems for next-generation backup, recovery, and archiving.

DD Data Protection Suite simplifies the purchase, implementation, and use of backup and archive software while lowering costs and protecting investments. This suite includes Avamar, NetWorker, Data Domain Boost for Enterprise Applications, SourceOne, and Data Protection Advisor, with both an MozyEnterprise cloud option and/or Syncplicity hybrid cloud option for backup.