Video Surveillance Storage Solutions

Open, Flexible, and Cost-Effective Storavideo-surveillancege Platforms

Complete Solution

  • DD video surveillance storage solutions cover the storage needs of the entire surveillance infrastructure, from on-the-edge components to a large, scalable central storage repository.

Tested and Proven

  • DD teams with industry-leading video management software (VMS) vendors to provide proven, end-to-end solutions. Our joint solutions are tested and certified at the EMC Video Surveillance Test & Validation Lab, renowned for conducting rigorous interoperability testing.

Plug & Play Simplicity

  • DD surveillance solutions provide easy plug & play simplicity and efficiency—requiring little technical configuration during deployment or operations. Growth is just as simple with automated configuration and load balancing when new capabilities are added.

Open and Adaptable

  • Move away from black boxes and proprietary appliances to best-in-class platforms for storage, compute, and networking. EMC open architecture and broad portfolio of connectivity options mean no more “rip and replace” due to mismatched camera requirements.

Secure and Protected

  • EMC surveillance solutions provide multiple security features, including a highly resilient architecture, and built-in features that prevent accidental, premature, or malicious alteration of video data.